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It’s All Downhill: Cynisca Descending Skills Training

The Cyniscas put their equipment to the test during recent skills training. The athletes practiced descending at Superbagnéres Ski Resort near the team’s service course at Château de Saint-Martory in France. For the casual rider, descending can be a welcome break from a hard ride. For bike racers, it can be stressful and high risk. Great skills, confidence and courage can get you down the mountain faster, safer and ahead of the competition.

Despite different skills levels, the team unanimously agreed that they were thrilled they didn’t need to worry about their equipment and could concentrate on the task at hand. Cynisca is proud and grateful for our sponsors to use only the best: Shimano components (shoes & glasses), Vittoria tires, Ventum bikes and Lazer helmets. See our short video below of our day of prepping and training.

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