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Robin Farina

Robin racing in belgium in 2012

Robin Farina


Robin’s experience moving through the women’s cycling racing ranks gives her a unique perspective to share with developing riders. She began cycling after a knee injury forced her to give up tennis, soccer and volleyball in college. Upon graduating from the University of Tennessee with a sports management degree, the bike became her outlet to keep her love of sports alive. She quickly became a pro cyclist and won the 2011 USA National Road Race Championship, spring boarding her onto the international racing scene. Racing in Europe gave her valuable experience to enhance her skills and earn a spot on the 2012 USA Olympic Long Team for road racing. Throughout her cycling career Robin has operated her own endurance coaching business, RoFA Endurance, owned a bike shop in Charlotte, NC, and helped start the Women’s Cycling Association that was instrumental in launching the campaign for equity in cycling for women.

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