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Nicole Steinmetz

Nicole Steinmetz, 2024 U23 National Road Race Championships

Nicole Steinmetz


HOMETOWN: Loomis, California

DOB: 21 May 2003

Nicole has participated in ultra-distance cycling events for years, but in 2022 she decided that she wanted to “go faster”and tried racing for the first time in college. After her first race, she was hooked! She attended a USA Cycling Athlete Development Pathway Camp for aspiring junior cyclists to improve her skills and was identified for further race opportunities.

Nicole enjoys racing both gravel and road. She has finished 1st in U30 in Unbound and Steamboat Gravel (also 7th overall Pro women). Her success on the road includes 1st and 4th in U23 US National Pro Women’s Elite National Championships, 2024 and 2023 respectively. 

Nicole is currently attending Arizona State University, pursuing a B.S. in Geographic Information Sciences.

Follow her on Instagram: nicole._.steinmetz

Q&A with Nicole:

What do you consider your strengths in cycling?

Climbing! Races with long, steep, and challenging climbs are my favorites.

What do you consider your strengths off the bike?

I am very curious and always interested in learning new things. I’m also organized and enjoy public speaking.

What inspires you?

People doing things that they’re passionate about.

What do you like to do when not training/racing? Hobbies?

When not racing, I love spending time outdoors camping, hiking, running, and rock climbing. I also like to play the guitar and flute.

What are your goals?

My goals for cycling are to constantly strive for improvement, to challenge myself to achieve results for my team, and to ride in the World Tour.

Special awards, other than race wins?

U.S. Congressional Award for Leadership, Amelia Earhart Award

Is there a profession other than cycling that you’d like to pursue one day?

“Forest Service Technician or maybe a National Park Ranger”

Do you volunteer? If so, where?

I volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol. I’ve served for about 5 years in various leadership positions and have been a part of their search and rescue team on many missions in California.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

I love to ride in Yosemite and in the Eastern Sierras of California.

What is your favorite travel destination?

Lake Tahoe is my favorite place to visit for camping, riding, hiking, and just having fun with friends!

One destination you want to visit?

I would love to visit the Patagonia Mountains and do some ice/rock climbing there!

Any advice to younger girls who want to get into bike racing?

Have confidence in what you’re doing and enjoy the process. Bike racing is challenging, but with strength and determination, anything is possible-so never give up!

What’s your super power?

Photographic memory

What music do you listen to on your trainer?

Rap music, especially Eminem, Jay Z, D12, Tupac, and Nas

Favorite snack on a long ride?

Ice cream

Favorite drink? Favorite food? Favorite treat?

My favorite drink is boba tea, and my favorite food is a plain corn tortilla, fresh from the package.

Any dream race you’d like to do?

My dream is to race the Tour de France Femmes

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

For my 18th birthday, I declared my independence as an adult by riding 400 miles in one go across California. And of course, since it was my birthday celebration, I had ice cream every 20 miles.

How long do you think you’d survive in a zombie apocalypse? Why?

I might outlive the entire apocalypse considering how far away from any town I live. I also have a stockpile of dehydrated food, which could last for decades!

Anything else fun you’d like to share?

I am the proud parent of two cats named Pork Chop and Sprinkles.



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