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Grace Williams

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Grace Williams


HOMETOWN: Bloomington, Indiana

DOB: 22 May 2000

A former D1 endurance runner, Grace moved over to cycling, becoming a strong collegiate rider and winner of the Indiana University Little 500. Her 2022 season included multiple 1st place and podium finishes in the US and a sterling 5th place finish at Unbound Gravel (100).

Grace has a biology degree from Indiana University and is a professional photographer and videographer. In addition to racing for Cynisca, Grace uses her talents to capture images and share stories of her Cynisca team.

Follow her on Instagram: gwilliees

Q&A with Grace:

What attracted you to bike racing?

“I first started road biking when I signed up for a 1600-mile ride from Seattle to L.A at age 16 with a group from my hometown. After that, I biked for fun occasionally until I got cut from my collegiate track team at Indiana University in May of 2021. To make some new friends outside of running, I decided to delve into the cycling world, joined IU’s historic Little 500, and have been racing ever since. What I love most is the complexity of racing. It’s a mental puzzle just as much as an aerobic test. The community is also just incredible.”

Interesting jobs you’ve had?

“I’ve been a chef at a taco truck, a lab assistant studying fetal alcohol syndrome in mice and a photographer for Patagonia.”

What do you consider your strengths in cycling?

“My experience with gravel racing has really helped hone my off-roading technical skills, and my aerobic endurance is probably one of my strongest aspects, so I can ride hard for a ridiculously long time. I’d also consider myself to be speedy climber.”

What inspires you?

“People who are honest with themselves, humble, & confident. People who are authentic, and who love others and life unconditionally. People who aren’t afraid to challenge themselves, who go after what they want even if they might fail, and who want to share their resulting experiences and wisdom.”

What do you like to do when not training/racing?

“I love to run & hike trails, camp, read, listen to podcasts, write, take photos, learn languages, travel, and have conversations with interesting people.”

What are your goals?

“My first goal: maintain my joy for the sport. Second goal: be confident and own what I am doing. Third: see how far I can go and not limit myself. Make a worlds team, make it to the Olympics, podium a UCI race? Who knows.”

What’s your superpower?


Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

“Ran Rim2Rim2Rim with some friends (50 mile run from the South rim of the Grand Canyon to the North rim, and back up the South Rim) on 5 weeks’ notice. I had never run further than 19 miles before it. I couldn’t walk properly for a week and had to use a wheelchair in the airport.”

How long do you think you’d survive in a zombie apocalypse? Why?

“I’d probably survive for a good amount of time because I am rather resourceful and grew up running around in the woods and being scrappy… but then I’d get too curious and probably get eaten trying to befriend one of the zombies.”

Any advice to younger girls who want to get into bike racing?

“Have fun with it. Joy is the most important part of sport. The other part: don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Be bold, be brave, be confident.”

What would you like to look back and tell your grandkids you did?

“That I fully lived, without fear of failure, and experienced as much of life as I could. Walked through every door that was opened to me and learned from every moment.”

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