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Chloe Patrick

Chloe Patrick

Chloe Patrick


HOMETOWN: Carson, California

DOB: 31 October 2004

Chloe has earned 17 USA National cycling titles as a junior and U23, mostly on the track and more recently on the road. Patrick began her cycling career on the track at age 11, racing with a locally-based youth team. She initially took to the road as a tool to improve her fitness on the track, but in 2020, she began devoting more time to road racing.

“Riding with my teammates in our local mountains built my road fitness and gave me confidence in my abilities off the track,” said Chloe. “This newfound strength and passion for the road began to show when racing returned. I had the opportunity to compete at the most challenging domestic races, resulting in my selection to the 2021 Junior Road World Championships team as a first-year U19 rider.”

Here’s a look at some of Patrick’s recent accomplishments, including her impressive National Championships Criterium track record:

  • 2024 US Pro National Road Championships – 1st U23 Criterium , 2nd ITT
  • 2024 Tour of the Gila – 1st Stage 4
  • 2023 Pan American Championships –  3rd in the Madison
  • 2023 US Elite National Track Championships – 2nd Omnium, 2nd Points, 2nd Elimination
  • 2023 US Pro National Road Championships – 3rd Elite Criterium, 1st U23 Criterium, 3rd U23 ITT
  • 2023 Watersley International Women’s Challenge UCI 2.2 – 8th prologue, 2nd Stage 2, 4th Young Rider
  • 2022 UCI Junior World Track Championships – 2nd Points, 2nd Scratch, 5th Elimination
  • 2022 and 2021 UCI Junior World Road Championships – USA Team
  • LINK to full results list

“Looking ahead to the 2024 season, I am committed to continuing to develop and race on the road while still actively pursuing track with the USA Cycling program. With Cynisca, I can grow both personally and professionally learning from my teammates, competitors, and the wide variety of experiences I am bound to have as an athlete.”

Q&A with Chloe:

What attracted you to bike racing?

“I have been riding a bike basically since i could walk, and both of my parents are avid cyclists so it was only a matter of time before I started racing, but I was actually introduced to competitive cycling when I happened to walk into my local velodrome during the Paralympic trials. I was immediately drawn to it and practically begged my mom to ask the staff for more information on how I could start. I joined the local youth program shortly after, and the rest is history!”

Where is your favorite place to ride?

“Definitely the Santa Monica Mountains. In and around Sittard comes in a very close second.”

What’s your superpower?


What music do you listen to on your trainer? 

“Anything but jazz!”

Do you volunteer? If so, where? 

I live close to the velodrome in Los Angeles, so I enjoy volunteering at events whenever I can to give back to the community that offered me such a great platform for growth in my junior years.

Favorite food? 

“Ramune all the way! Also a big fan of street tacos and any treat from Trader Joe’s.”

Your favorite race memory/highlight?

Getting 2nd place on stage 2 of the Watersley Women’s Challenge. It was my first European podium for road, and really felt like a sliver of reassurance that I belong here.

Race you are most excited about next year?

“Really excited to see Road Nationals in a new location.”

What inspires you?

“Thinking about how proud 11 year-old Chloe would be if she knew where this sport would take her.”

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