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Cara O’Neill

The Computer (Scientist)

Caroline (Cara) O’Neill

USA &nbsp&nbsp

HOMETOWN: Tucson, Arizona

DOB: 24 March 1999

While completing her degree at University of Arizona, Cara captured multi-year USA Cycling Collegiate National championships in road, TTT and podium finishes in criterium and CycloCross (CX). Now focused on international competition, she raced with the USA Cycling Development team in Europe for six weeks. Her goal is to focus on stage racing in 2023 with the goal of learning to race tactically and as a valuable teammate.

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Q&A with Cara:

Education? Awards?

“B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Arizona. Graduated Summa Cum Laude -stoked.”

Is there a profession other than cycling that you would like to pursue one day?

“Either return to school for computer science or go back into industry as a software developer.”

Interesting jobs you’ve held?

“Before moving to computer science I worked as a lab tech in a protein crystallization lab at the University of Arizona. After graduation I worked as a software and firmware developer at IBM.”

What attracted you to cycling? Or how did you get started?

“Collegiate cycling — collegiate club cycling is an incredible student-run, teammate-driven, slightly chaotic experience.”

Do you volunteer?

“I love helping new riders get into cycling. Sometimes that’s leading rides, hosting skills clinics, or volunteering at local races.”

What do you consider your strengths in cycling?

“Always available to grab bottles. I can unicycle.”

Favorite food? Favorite treat?

“Peanut butter smoothie. Banana Pudding.”

Any other interesting facts?

“If I had to choose between fighting a thousand duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck, I would absolutely choose the former. I just can’t let them get me to the ground.”  

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