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Ashley Frye

The Pflugerville Texas (P)Flyer

Ashley Frye


HOMETOWN: Pflugerville, Texas

DOB: 31 July 2000

When Ashley began racing, she instantly made a name for herself by competing across Colorado and the Western US, from gravel to criteriums and everything in between. She recorded multiple wins at high-profile gravel races, a 2nd in GC at the 3-day Baker City Cycling Classic, and a top-ten at the iconic Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Now with a couple of years under her belt as a Cynisca, Ashley has taken home silver at the 2023 Sea Otter Classic and 4th at the 2024 Tour de Gila Stage 1, placing top 10 overall. Ashley has proven herself to be no stranger to high-level endurance athletics, and she knows what it takes to be a successful, supportive teammate.

Ashley graduated from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a major in Elementary Education. 

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Q&A with Ashley:

What attracted you to bike racing? Or how did you get started?

I grew up watching my dad race triathlons. He would show me the different places he would ride and tell me exciting stories of his bike adventures. We started riding together when I was in high school, going on fun adventures all across the Texas Hill Country. We rode two or three times a week, with our bikes often taking us to new places and discoveries. During college, I put cycling on the back burner because I was focused on running, however, running injuries kept popping up, leaving me on my bike to cross-train. After several years of running injuries that kept taking me back to my bike, I realized the freedom I possessed on the bike, returning to the little girl in awe of her dad speeding by during triathlons. Last spring, I decided to give bike racing a shot and instantly fell in love with the thrill. I was hooked and have been signing up for as many bike races as I can. I still look forward to the rides that I get to share with my dad and all the adventures that are still to come.

What do you consider your strengths in cycling?

Stage racing, because I believe I can recover quickly after big efforts and long climbs, specifically at higher altitudes.

What do you consider your strengths off the bike?

I am ambitious, always working on little projects. I am determined and always have things done promptly. I am compassionate and very social.

What do you like to do when not training/racing? Hobbies?

I love doing anything outdoors, such as running, hiking, picnics, and drinking coffee (a lot of it)

What are your goals?

I want to be able to participate in major races and win as a team.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

The Texas Hill Country

Any advice to younger girls who want to get into bike racing?

Take risks and challenge yourself to achieve things you never thought you could achieve. Always remember why you started riding and never get too unattached from that child like desire to bike fast, with your hair down, flowing in the wind.

What music do you listen to on your trainer?

A mix of Taylor Swift and The 1975

How long do you think you’d survive in a zombie apocalypse? Why?

Zero days because I would be so stressed I would take myself out.

What would you like to look back and tell your grandkids you did?

I want to tell my grandkids that I always took risks. I also want to tell them about all the exciting and fun places I have traveled.

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